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We Have Master CIW Designer Certification
Certified Internet Webmaster Professional

Master CIW Designers develop and maintain Web sites using authoring and scripting languages, create content and digital media, and employ standards and technologies for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce Web sites.


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Which Web Design Company: Zing Online Services, Inc.
Some designers are outrageousely expensive
and some suspiciously cheap.

More reasons to have your site created by Zing Online Services

Will the site be viewable in different browsers and screen sizes?

Some features for websites can only be viewable by certain browsers. We have alternatives in place for compatibility along with testing methods in place to make sure your site is viewable with every screen size and operating system. So no matter what browser your clients or customers use, your site will always look great.

Will my site load quickly?

The main page of your site should be under 30K in size for quick loading. You don't want to lose visitors before they get past the first page! We make sure that your visitors want to remain on your site and explore it further, by optimizing the graphics to load fast, without compromising quality!

Will people be able to find my site by searching for it?

We've seen many sites done with NO meta tags, which are keywords embedded into your site code so that search engines can locate the website. Sites that do not have these tags can be virtually invisible to search engines! Zing Online Services creates these meta tags to be sure visitors will be able to find your site.

Do you have any other sites that you've already done that I can see?

Sure! Take a look in our portfolio!

I just want a great looking site that conveys my message quickly. Will you create the site with my business in mind?

Absolutely! At Zing Online Services we take all your marketing materials, logos, photos and content and combine them to create the perfect site for YOUR business, with the look and feel YOU want. We'll take all your ideas into consideration, so you never have to settle for anything you don't like.

I heard the dotcom bubble has burst.....That means my business wouldn't benefit from a web site, right?"

Wrong. And here's why: Business on the Web is not going away. It's a part of life. Look around you. You can't go anywhere without seeing or hearing ads for dotcoms. A new generation of consumers, a generation of Web savvy kids, is growing up. The Web is an integral part of their lives.Yes, the media is saturated with stories of dotcom doom and gloom. Not without reason. The beginning of the web boom saw much hype. Get-rich-quick schemes were touted all over the world. Anyone with a few dollars and a scheme could have an online business. Not everyone stayed afloat. They failed because they didn't have a plan.You can't have a successful business on the web.....or anywhere else....if you don't know what you're doing or where you're going.

"Will my business be successful on the web?"

If you have a successful brick and mortar business, you can have a successful website presence. Two things help ensure your success:

  1. A well-designed website (only as good as the designer who builds it).

  2. A good marketing plan for the site.

Zing online Services has at our disposal many professionals that will make your site the best it can be. And isn't that what you've wanted all along?



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